Couple Class Glassblowing Gift Card

Couple Class Glassblowing Gift Card




Couples Class Glassblowing Gift Card 

Looking for a creative experience for you and the family this year? Ever been to Murano, & explored the canals of Venice? And watched people blowing glass into all sorts of fun objects? For many of us Venice isn’t possible, but the magic of glass blowing is still within reach thanks to the talented team at Tamborine Glass Blowing. In our workshops we give you, your family and friends the chance to create your very own Glass Blown objects to take home. We’ll take you through the process of glass blowing. You’ll learn a brief history of glass blowing, and therefore gain an appreciation of the art form.

What you get:

Imagine their face when they see their Gift Card. Together the two of you, wil learn basic techniques becoming the creator of your own glass artworks. If you’d love to spend precious time with your friends / family. Creating objects of beauty for you & your loved ones to use for many years to come, this could be the workshop for you. Being the only 2 students, for your Glass Blowing Class, ensures you get the quality, assistance, and support needed to learn the basics of glass blowing. All tools & equipment will be supplied and each person will make 2 pieces. The first piece is an exercise to help you familiarise yourself with the tools, how the molten glass behaves and more. Then we will make a cobalt bowl, vase, or a glass…Choose colours from our extensive rainbow, &  as you and your date create! Accommodation is also available if you are travelling a distance to beautiful Mt Tamborine.

Couples Class Glassblowing Gift Card is an unforgettable experience, to be enjoyed with your bestie!. Steeped in history, and exhilaration. this is a unique, and super fun activity to do together.   Buy a 2hr Block or 4hr block😉Date night with a twist!

You will be guided by talented Aussie glass artists Faerie Fleur.  We genuinely appreciate your support. Thank you, & Merry Xmas.

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