Mushroom Glassblowing Gift Card

Mushroom Glassblowing Gift Card




Mushroom Glassblowing Gift Card

Imagine their face when they see their Glassblowing Gift Card. Learn basic techniques and get to be the creator of your own glass artworks. If you’d love to spend some beautiful time with your friends and family whilst creating objects of beauty for you & your loved ones to use for many years to come, then this could be the workshop for you. Being the only students, for a beginners Glass Blowing Class, ensures you get the quality, assistance, and support needed to learn the basics of glass blowing. All tools & equipment will be supplied and each person will make 2- 3 pieces. The first piece is an exercise to help you familiarize yourself with the tools, how the molten glass behaves and more. Then we will make mushrooms in the colours of your choice…

Mushroom Glassblowing Gift Card is an unforgettable experience, whether you are a first timer, or a “Repeat Offender”! Give yourself that window of opportunity to express yourself in glass. Steeped in history, and exhilaration. Choose colours from our extensive rainbow, & be free from all other thoughts as you watch the flames meld with your molten glass as you twirl and create your masterpiece in glass. Be careful though…. this feeling is super addictive!!! 

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