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Welcome to Tamborine Glass Blowing!

Are you ready to embark on a creative journey into the mesmerizing world of glass blowing? At Tamborine Glass Blowing, we offer a range of unique and exciting classes that allow you to explore your artistic side and craft stunning glass pieces. Whether you’re a solo adventurer or want to share this experience with a friend, we have the perfect class for you. Take a look at our offerings below:

Solo Glass Blowing

Duration: 2 Hours
Price: $399
Create 3 Beautiful Pieces

Discover the art of glass blowing on your own. In this two-hour session, our expert instructors will guide you through the mesmerizing process of shaping and molding molten glass into three distinct pieces of art. You’ll leave with a sense of accomplishment and three beautiful creations to treasure. A Solo class involes making a practice piece, a bowl and a vase.

Glass Blowing with Your Bestie

Duration: 2 Hours
Price: $498 for 2 People
Each Create 2 Unique Pieces

Grab your bestie and embark on a creative journey together! In this two-hour class, both of you will have the opportunity to craft two distinct glass pieces each. Share the joy of creating, learning, and bonding over the art of glass blowing. Glass Blowing with your Bestie will involve making a coin and a ‘Bauble’ (small trinket or decoration). Please be aware these are morning classes only.

Glass Blowing with your Bestie Extended 

Duration: 4 Hours
Price: $996 for 2 People
Create 3 Stunning Pieces Each

For those who want to delve deeper into the world of glass blowing, our extended bestie experience is perfect. Spend four hours honing your skills and crafting three unique pieces each. Depending on timing there’s potential for even more creativity as you explore the limitless possibilities of glass art. Please be aware that this class is by direct booking only. Contact us to book.

Glass Blowing Summer Nights

Duration: 2 Hours
Price: $399
Create 3 Gorgeous Pieces

Experience the magic of glass blowing under the enchanting summer night sky. Our Summer Nights class offers a unique atmosphere for your artistic endeavors. Spend two hours creating three stunning glass pieces and make memories that will last a lifetime. Intended for individual bookings looking to enjoy a group experience. Please be aware that timing of this class can range between two & six hours depending on number of attendees. You’ll get to make a practice piece, bowl and vase.

Glass Blowing Early Bird

Duration: 2 Hours
Price: $360
Create 3 Beautiful Pieces

Get an early start to your day with our Early Bird class. Join us for a two-hour session and create three beautiful glass pieces while enjoying the serene morning ambiance. It’s the perfect way to kickstart your day with creativity. These predominately morning classes are a chance to visit us early in the day and get a discounted experience.


Remember that your Glass piece won’t be ready after your class. It needs to cool in an oven overnight. You’re welcome to pickup later on. Or alternatively we can ship your pieces to you for $30.


At Tamborine Glass Blowing, we provide all the necessary materials and guidance to ensure you have a safe and memorable glass blowing experience. No prior experience is required – just bring your enthusiasm and let your creativity flow.

Book your glass blowing adventure today and unlock your inner artist with Tamborine Glass Blowing! Join us for an unforgettable journey into the art of glass.




At Tamborine Glass Blowing we offer glass blowing, slumping and lampwork classes, as well as mosaic workshops in small groups. We also take private bookings and can teach one-on-one, couples and small groups for beginners. Click here to inquire about private bookings.

Our classes are perfect for anyone who has ever wanted to try or experience the unique art of glass work with as little or as much guidance as needed.

During the workshop, you will learn how to use equipment and techniques to create something unique for the home or a loved one.

All glass classes are taught by Australian artist and glassblower Fae Fleur.