Elevate Your Wedding Experience with Unique Glass Blowing Unity Ceremonies and More!

Are you tying the knot and in search of something truly extraordinary to make your wedding day unforgettable? Tamborine Glass Blowing has the perfect solutions to add a touch of magic to your special occasion.

Unity Ceremonies with a Twist

In our Unity Ceremonies, both parties play an active role in the creation of a symbol representing your beautiful union. Each of you pours your chosen glass colors into one bowl, symbolizing the blend of your lives. From these colors, we’ll craft your desired pieces, be it vases, bowls, platters, sculptures, or anything your heart desires.

Bachelor’s Night Extravaganza

For the gentlemen looking to make their Bachelor’s night memorable, we offer a unique experience. While the ladies prepare for the big day, gather your mates and engage in a fun team-building session. Create your very own Schooner glasses and make lasting memories in the hotshop of Tamborine Mt. Perfect for smaller groups, with a limit of 6-10 blokes.

Hen’s Night Celebration

Ladies, we’ve got you covered too! Whether you’re planning a Naughty or Nice celebration, our Hen’s Night experience is tailored for you. Create something special with and for each of the ladies to commemorate this significant event called love. Ideal for small groups of 6-10 people.

Personalized Place Markers

Add a touch of elegance to your wedding reception with personalized glass ‘coins’ for each of your guests. These not only mark their place at the table but also serve as cherished mementos. Customize them with a stamp of your choice or professionally engrave each guest’s name and the wedding date.

Exquisite Table Centres

Complete your wedding decor with stunning table centers that match your color scheme and theme. Choose from a variety of options, including vases, unique sculptures, or heart-shaped art pieces. The possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination.

Make your wedding day truly unique and unforgettable with Tamborine Glass Blowing. Our creative and personalized experiences will add a touch of artistry to your celebration of love. Contact us to discuss how we can make your wedding day even more special.