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Welcome to Tamborine Glass Blowing: Where Glass Art Comes to Life!

Unleash your inner artist and dive into the captivating world of glass blowing with our unique and engaging classes. At Tamborine Glass Blowing, we offer a diverse range of classes that cater to your creative spirit. Explore our extraordinary offerings below:

Xmas Decorations Workshop

Price: $99

Get into the festive spirit and craft your very own glass-blown Christmas decorations. With expert guidance and a touch of creativity, you’ll create beautiful ornaments that will light up your holiday season. Join us in spreading the joy of Christmas through artistry. Options include, learning to make Christmas themed Baubles (small Trinkets or decorations), slumping a reindeer, snowflake or blow a snowman from Molten Glass whatever you choose will be both a great team building experience and beginner friendly! 

Standing on 4 Feet

Price: $129

Discover the art of crafting glass sculptures that stand tall on their own. In this class, you’ll create stunning glass pieces with elegance and poise, all while mastering the intricate techniques of glass blowing. Your masterpiece will truly stand out.

Critter Sitters

Price: $99

Bring charming glass critters to life in our Critter Sitters class. Whether it’s a whimsical creature or a lifelike animal, our experienced instructors will guide you in sculpting delightful glass figurines that can sit pretty anywhere in your home. Design a set of four creatures

Coaster Class

Price: $129

Elevate your glass artistry with our introduction Coaster Class. Craft functional and stylish glass coasters that not only protect your surfaces but also add a touch of elegance to your home decor. Create a set of unique coasters that reflect your personal style.


Remember that your Glass piece won’t be ready after your class. It needs to cool in an oven overnight. You’re welcome to pickup later on. Or alternatively we can ship your pieces to you for $15 – $20


At Tamborine Glass Blowing, our classes are designed to cater to all levels of experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, our instructors will provide the knowledge and support you need to create stunning glass masterpieces.

Join us in the enchanting world of glass blowing, where imagination knows no bounds, and creativity knows no limits. Book your class today and discover the magic of crafting glass art at Tamborine Glass Blowing. Unleash your artistic potential and take home your very own glass-blown creations.