Mini Mushroom Earrings

Mini Mushroom Earrings



Cutest Mini Mushroom Earrings are made on the torch.  Using rods of glass in a rainbow of colours over a gas & oxygen flame.  Heating the rod over the flame onto a mandrel that has been prepared with bead release, so that we are able to release our little mushroom off the mandrel. Once we have the glass mushroom earrings shape, with  a stringer, we add the little dots. Now that the mushroom is complete, it is placed into the annealer, to slowly cool down over 4-5 hours.  Then we are ready to open the annealer to reveal our rainbow of gorgeous Mini Mushrooms.

I loved making these cute little glass mushroom earrings, it’s very relaxing, and visually magical. If you’ve ever looked into a candle’s flame and gone to your mind’s eye, you’ll love flame working like I do, (along with many, many others!).  So, are they magic mushrooms? I think so!

The mini mushroom earrings are sold individually.

Wish her favourite colour, and the look on her face when she sees these lil’ cuties will be gold!  Merry Christmas.

Made by Faerie Fleur in Tamborine Mt Australia.

Additional information

Weight 0.0075 kg
Dimensions 0.004 × 0.002 × 0.012 cm

White, Pink, Sky Blue, Cobalt Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Amber


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