G & T drinking glass


G & T drinking glass


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G & T drinking glass – Made in Australia by talented Aussie glass artists James Alexander & Faerie Fleur.

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Making a G & T drinking glass from molten glass is hot work, however, it’s exhilarating too.   Collecting hot glass onto the pipe, from inside the 1100 degree furnace. The molten, liquid glass sits in the Raku clay pot, known as  the “Crusible” at 1100 degrees celsious. Rolling our pipe with the molten glass into color chips of glass, as we begin manuipulating the molten glass to form the design, this can be done by simply turning slower, or faster….. using different tools, like tweezers, or rake, making each set of Drinking Glasses completely unique. Then blowing, tooling and reheating the glass, by thrusting it into the intense flames. It begins to form it’s new life as a G & T drinking glass, made in Tamborine Mountain Australia. Once completed, the glassblower adds the makers mark to finish. To avoid  thermal shock, each piece is put into the Annealer which ensures your glass art , is durable enough to last a lifetime. G & T drinking glass is the perfect gift for Christmas, Wedding table ware, christnings. Try making a Drinking Glass with hands on experience here at Tamborine Glassblowing. Blowing glass is an amazing experience.

These glasses are dishwasher friendly.

We genuinely appreciate your support. Thank you, & Merry Xmas.


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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 13.5 cm


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