Fushia Blue Meanie

Fushia Blue Meanie


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Fushia Blue Meanie Mushroom – Made in Australia by talented Aussie glass artists Faerie Fleur.

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This handcrafted Fushia Blue Meanie Mushroom- is, mouth-blown from molten glass. Each glass Mushroom is completely unique from the next. Gathering the glass onto our pipe from the raku clay pots holding the molten glass, which are hand-made by world-renowned potter Bill Powel. The molten glass is held at 1100 C*. Adding color, shaping and blowing, tooling. Reheating the glass all the while, thrusting it into the intense flame. Once the desired shape is reached, we “knock it off”. and superheat to finish. It is put away to relax in 520-degree Celsius heat- called the annealing process, which takes a further 12 hours. Staked into the ground so the fairies have a good grounding and will adore your beautiful gift. Just as every fairy is unique, so is each of these adorable glass mushrooms.

Do you want to know a little secret? The magic is in the making… you will see the magic that comes together in the moments of making your own piece. It’s exhilarating when you finish a piece and “get to put it away”.

The deep rich color and unique shape of this piece will make it the perfect accent for any area in the home. adding a touch of nature to your home or garden with this beautiful glass mushroom.

A perfect gift for Christmas.

We genuinely appreciate your support. Thank you, & Merry Xmas.

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